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Media To Movements equips disciple makers in media strategies to identify and engage spiritual seekers who accelerate a movement of reproducing disciples.

Where are you in the journey?

Can you relate to one of these three?

Disciple Maker

A motivated disciple maker who is either dissatisfied with their current level of fruitfulness or eager to use modern methods to find spiritually hungry people.

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MTM Practitioner

A disciple maker who is currently leveraging media strategies to identify spiritually open people and accelerate a disciple making movement.

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Organization Leader

An organization leader serving and sending disciple makers among the least reached.

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What is Media to Movements?

Media to Movements is the strategic use of digital media that identifies people on a spiritual journey to Christ and connects them with disciple makers, equipping them to reach their family and friends with the gospel.


The more you know

4.5 billion
4.5 billion people actively use the internet.
Less than 3% of any given population is open to spiritual change.
86% of MTM practitioners reported a positive impact on their ministry using media strategies.

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