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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – Old African Proverb

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Research has shown that the most effective and fruitful MTM teams have been cross-trained and coached. We want to make your journey towards implementing a MTM strategy as seamless as possible. Each group plays an important part in your journey so no matter where you start or jump in at, we hope to meet you!

Visual Story Network
Media to Movements' coaches will help you fine tune and implement your MTM strategy, connect you to other practitioners in your region and resource you along the way.
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Kavanah Media
Kavanah Media specializes in “top of the funnel” digital marketing and campaign management to assist disciple makers in their MTM strategy.
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Visual Story Network
Visual Story Network is the host of the interactive, online, five-week Foundations of Media Strategy Course, a perfect place to start your journey!
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Kingdom.Training’s M2DMM Strategy Development Course which will introduce you to the 10 most basic elements needed to craft a MTDMM strategy for your context
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