We offer two types of personalized coaching options:
End-to-End Coaching
and Evaluative Coaching.

End-to-End Coaching

This personalized seven-phased, mentored training is perfect for disciple makers who are ready to implement a media to movements strategy.

Phase 1

Lay the Foundation
Decide your team's MTM vision, who you will reach, and how you will get there.

Phase 2

Set Up Online Presence
Apply security best practices, design your website, setup digital accounts and your social media platform.

Phase 3

Connect the online piece with the offline follow up using this Follow up Management Software. Set up, be trained, and onboard user roles.

Phase 4

Prep Launch Content
Prepare your first campaign for your launch (i.e.: videos, picture posts, and landing pages)

Phase 5

Train Roles for Pre-Launch
Just as if you were having opening day for a new business, all key personal need to understand their roles, be trained, and be ready in their position.

Phase 6

This will be the first day you begin paying for targeted ad campaigns that will draw seekers to engage with you online.

Phase 7

Evaluate and Beyond
The launch won’t be perfect so it’s important to evaluate and learn from the experience in order to setup a long term MTM system that enhances and grows with time.

Are you ready to get started?

Contact us to setup a 30 minute consultation call with one of our coaches.

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Evaluative Coaching

This fast-tracked option is for teams who are currently in process of launching or have launched an MTM initiative and need some specialized help. To best evaluate what you’ve already done and how we can best serve you, please begin by filling out the MTM Inventory Form below. After reviewing your form, an MTM coach will contact you and set up a meeting.

Yes, please evaluate my progress and help me find my gaps.

MTM Inventory Form

Coaching FAQs

Your situation is unique and so is your people group. Developing a media to movement strategy to accelerate your church planting efforts takes time, dedication and direction from the Holy Spirit. Our team of specialized coaches will help you apply and adapt best practices and join you in discerning the Father’s leading towards launching your initiative.

I’ve had some training, do I need end-to-end coaching?

According to the recent Global Survey Report, 66% of those who took some form of digital media training took it to increase effectiveness, yet many never launch. Those who do launch and are seeing fruit, share two common variables: they were cross-trained and coached.

What do I need to get started with end-to-end coaching?
  • You will need at least two members of your core team committed to start to launch
  • A willingness to use and learn Trello, a free collaborative project management tool.
  • Internet access to do video calls
What does end-to-end coaching practically look like?

Your coach will mentor your team through the seven phased implementation process to launch your media to movement strategy. The entire coaching process represents twelve 60-90 minutes Zoom calls. Each call begins with reviewing completed work from the previous phase objectives, training in the current phase and looking ahead to what’s next. To move to the next phase, teams will be expected to complete team discussions and action steps. We encourage teams to set aside at least 90-120 minutes per week to complete these discussions and/or action steps.

Will I have the same coach throughout the implementation process?

You will have an end-to-end coach who will be with you from beginning to launch as well as engage with other specialized coaches at different phases. Check out Meet the Team to see our various roles.

How long will it take to launch?

It's up to you. If you choose to go at the maximum pave of one call per week for 12 weeks, that is three months from start to launch. If you perfer to do two calls per week, that's six weeks. Or maybe you prefer a week intensive? It's really up to you and your team's bandwidth and schedules.

What’s required before moving on to the next phase?

Completion of actions steps outlined in the previous phase. After each phase, a new Trello list will be added to your board to prepare for the next phase.

What are the desired outcomes of coaching?
  • Equipped and resourced with all the necessary tools to launch your MTM initiative.
  • Networked to a growing community of MTM practitioners notably in your target region.
  • Join the Father in identifying and engaging spiritually open people resulting in the acceleration of disciple making in your area.
What does it mean to be a launched team?

A launched team means they have:

  • Clearly defined their vision, mission and church planting strategy
  • A trained core team representing key MTM roles
  • Identified and understood the felt needs of their target audience
  • Activated a plan to catalyze extraordinary prayer
  • Published a contextualized branded website and/or social media platform
  • Budgeted and raised funds to consistently run ads to engage online seekers
  • Begun to have digital conversations with online seekers to filter for potential persons of peace
  • A system to organize and manage seekers so no one falls through the cracks
  • Disciple makers ready to meet face-to-face to help seekers discover, share and obey Jesus and His word.
How much does coaching cost?

There is no cost to receiving coaching end-to-end coaching or evaluative coaching.