Disciple Maker
Disciple Maker

You are a church planter looking for greater effectiveness.

Multiplying disciples. Maybe you’ve had some success, but you want to see more fruit.

Discover Your Next Step

Many people in your shoes face these challenges.

Discouragement. We’ve been sowing for a while but are not seeing much fruit.
Cynicism. There is a lot of hype about different strategies. What’s so different about this one?
Alone. I’m interested in trying an MTM strategy, but I don’t know how to get my team on board.
Security. We live in a high-risk area and are not sure it’s safe to pursue an MTM strategy.
Not tech-savvy. Using a media strategy seems important but it intimidates me.
Bandwidth. I’m already involved in other access opportunities. I don’t know if I’ll have the time.

Sound Familiar? We understand—and we’ve been there ourselves! The Media to Movements team and training coalition would love to partner with you and your team to develop and implement an end-to-end media to movement strategy that fits your context.

86% of MTM practitioners reported a positive impact on their ministry using media strategies.

Ready to implement a media to movements strategy?

Not quite, but I want to learn more.

Take the Foundations of Media Strategy Course.

Possibly, but I need to explore the process.

Take the Kingdom.Training strategy course.

Yes, let's do this thing!

Connect with a Media to Movements coach.

What other disciple makers are saying

“How did I not think of this? You know, I'm a millennial. I see my friends spending five, six, seven hours a day on social media. This was obvious … it is a strategic and scalable approach to gospel sharing and searching for persons of peace.”

Disciple Maker now using MTM Strategies
Unnamed Region

“I’ve got this friend doing literacy for five years and a super-faithful worker, a great man that hasn’t seen a lot of fruit. Now he’s doing these media contacts and he’s seen more people come into the kingdom and, at some points, in weeks rather than years. I said, “I’ve got to go check this out. Why are we not doing this? How come we have not thought of this?”

Disciple Maker having a lightbulb moment
Unnamed Region

“We don’t have any experience. We don’t have any history. We don’t know of anybody else doing it in this area. But if it’s producing the results where my friend is serving is there any chance that it could happen here?"

Reflective Disciple Maker
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