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Disciple Maker

Many of us feel like Rachel In Genesis 30:1 "Give me children, or I'll die!" We want to see disciples who make disciples. Sometimes with all the stresses of ministry in the field, we fail to see where the Father is working. Launching a media strategy allows us to take broad perspective and allow us to distinguish those that are open from those that not ready for the gospel. From there we can focus our attention on the ones the Father has prepared

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MTM Practitioner

One of the key ideas from Luke 10:2 is “from the harvest will come the harvesters.” The MTM Practitioner as a disciple maker can leverage digital strategies to identify spiritually open people and accelerate a disciple making movement. This is what Paul did in Acts 17:2, where as “was his habit” to use media (public speaking) in identifying God-fearing Greeks to launch a new work.

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Organization Leader

Organizational leaders want to see their constituents land in a new area and be able identify those that are open. Research shows early success keeps field workers on the field and then keeps them focusing on training up national leaders who can take over the work. A media strategy helps them gain early wins and stay focused on the work of the harvest.

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